640Bacteria: Diphtheria, Pertussis (=whooping cough), tuberculosis,

bacteria causing pneumonia, lepra etc.

Viruses: Influenza, Varicella (=chicken-pox), Morbilli (= measles), mumps, etc.


Of those listed above, practically eradicated in Hungary:
diphteria, whooping cough, lepra, measles (vaccination!)


  • 642healthy people may be infected by inhaling pathogens which get out from infected people during speaking, sneezing or coughing
  • may be transmitted indirectly, by touching objects that had previously contacted infectious respiratory secretions (pl. chicken-pox)


  • vaccination is the most effective method
      • compulsory vaccinations: eg. BCG (against tc), etc.
      • recommended vaccinations: eg. against seasonal Influensa
  • frequent ventillation of the rooms: eg. public room, especially in winter,

when Influenza spreads easily!!!

  • keeping personal hygienic rules:
    • sneezing, coughing always into a handkerchief!!!
    • throwing the used tissue into waste basket!
    • frequent, thorough hand-wash
    • having shower every day
  • freguent cleaning up (with disinfectants, eg. Hypo)
  • keeping clothes, personal equipments clean


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air-borne diseases


Népegészségügyi orvostan (Public Health Medicine) (edited by. I. Ember, I. Kiss, K. Cseh), University of Pécs, Medical School, Pécs, 2013, pp.219-297.