670Bacterial infections: eg. tetanus

Ectoparasites: lice, scabies

Fungal diseases: eg. athletes’ foot (tinea pedis), dermatomycosis

The previously discussed STDs may also be listed here!



  • 672direct contact (eg.: venereal diseases, dermatomycosis)
  • clothes, common use of personal equipments, towels, sheets, bath water
  • through injuries of skin (eg.: tetanus, from contaminated soil, etc.)



  • improving general higienic conditions
  • improving the health literacy of the population
  • keeping personal hygienic rules, sexualhygiene

frequent showering, hair-wash

→ clean sheets, clothes, underwear (daily)

→ ignoring common use of personal equipments (eg. towels, razors, shavers)

  • disinfection, eradicating insects, screening (eg. in the case of lice and scabies)
  • vaccination, eg. tetanus (compulsory!)
  • consulting the doctor when symptoms appear (eg. fungal diseases), consequent treatment
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infections transmitted through skin-to-skin contact


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