Based on ministerial decree, the National Centre for Epidemiology (NCE) disposes on implementation (methods published in ‘Epinfó’ proceedings).


vaccination schedule in Hungary

BCG: vaccine against TB (tuberculosis)

DTPa: Diphteria, Tetanus: lockjaw, Pertussis: wooping cough

IPV: Inaktivated poliovirus vaccine. Poliomyelitis= infantile paralysis

Hib: vaccine against Haemophilus influenzae b, bacterial meningitis

PCV 13: Pneumococcus bacteria may cause inflammation of the lungs, brain and middle ear

MMR = Morbilli: measles, Mumps: parotitis epidemica, Rubeola: roseola

dTap = diphteria-tetanus-pertussis components containing vaccine as booster vaccination

Hepatitis B: vaccine against Hepatitis, the contagious inflammation of the liver