43Healthcare provided in an inpatient facility close to the domicile of the patient. It shall take place as specified by law, based on a referral by the physician providing the patient with regular care, an attending physician, or by the self-referral of the patients themselves.Inpatient care shall mean care provided in parallel with being admitted in an inpatient treatment facility without interruption for the purpose of diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation or nursing (including long-term nursing care), or care provided for the above purposes during specific times of the day, or any one time or cure-like intervention, following which a specific amount of observation shall become necessary, and during the course of observation further immediate care is provided if necessary.

In certain inpatient facilities, the forms of specialized care are structured differently in each administrative unit. Different forms of inpatient specialized care are carried out by hospitals, clinics, national facilities, sanitaria and other institutions. These are provided based on the frequency of certain diseases, for a specific population, per administrative units, generally in cities.

General inpatient specialized care can be used based on referral given by physicians of healthcare providers financed by health insurance, or by such physicians to themselves or to their next of kin.

In terms of the order of referrals, the same rules shall apply to patients arriving to Hungary from the Member States of the European Union.

Except in the case of emergency, if patients use inpatient specialized care without referral or in a manner departing from the order of referrals, i.e. not at the healthcare provider designated therein, they shall be obliged to pay partial compensation fees as well. The amount of partial compensation fees payable upon using inpatient specialized care without referral or in a manner departing from the order of referral shall not exceed 100.000,00 HUF.

Treatment in an inpatient facility specified in Annex 5 of Government Decree 287/2006 (XII. 23.) on the detailed rules of non-emergency care to be provided based on a waiting list shall be provided based on an institutional waiting list.

Upon payment of partial compensation fees, patients shall have the right to have their free choice of a physician, as part of which right, patients are entitled to choose a physician different from the one assigned to them in accordance with the work order of healthcare facility.

The healthcare provider may determine partial compensation fees or supplementary compensation fees for certain types of healthcare services, of which it shall be obliged to inform those insured, before the provision of the given service begins. The rules of determining partial compensation fees and supplementary compensation fees, and in many cases their exact amount is set forth in Annex 1 of Government Decree 284/1997 (XII. 23.) on compensation fees for certain healthcare services to be used only upon payment of compensation fees. No valid departure from these rules shall be permissible.

Source: http://www.patientsrights.hu/the-structure-of-the-system.html