Emergency situations shall mean any change in the health condition which would endanger the patient’s life or would seriously or permanently deteriorate the patient’s health in the absence of immediate care.

In the case of emergency situation specialised health services are provided by the health service provider with regional provisioning obligation (in Debrecen).

When family doctor is not available in the camp, in case of emergency the nurse-on-duty may call an ambulance!

What does ‘emergency situation’ include?


  • unconsciousness
  • epilepctic episodes, seasures, shocks, stroke
  • serious external and internal bleedings
  • open-fracture
  • chocking, acute breathing failure, astma attack, wheezing
  • toxication, electric shock
  • burning, frost-bite, heat-stroke
  • delivery, miscarriage, acute gynaecological bleedings
  • acute abdominal pains, cramps (eg. appendicitis, bilious attack)
  • acute psychic disorders, psychosis
  • suicide attempts, intentions

This list is not complete, detailed list is available: http://net.jogtar.hu/jr/gen/hjegy_doc.cgi?docid=A0600052.EUM 

Source: website of the Office for Immigration and Nationality