• pediatrician, family visitor nurse service is provided twice a week in the Reception Centres
  • after leaving the Reception Centre it is essential to check in at the local pediatrician’s and family visitor nurse’s office, the colleagues from the Service for Family Support could help with this
  • vaccination of children of foreign nationality
    • Children of foreign nationality staying in Hungary for more than 3 months shall receive the outstanding, age-appropriate vaccination as it is prescribed by the Hungarian vaccination schedule.
    • The pediatrician initiating the vaccination of the child records the 3-months residence time thereby he examines the child at least 2 times within a year and between the two visits, at least, 2 months shall be omitted.

Source (in Hungarian): Epinfo, 19 (1) – National Center for Epidemiology

Cerification of the obligatory vaccinations shall be presented to school-health services prior to admission of the children to nursery-school or school. In the absence of this certification, the child can not be placed into the school-community!

Further information about the Hungarian obligatory vaccinations