• the refugee or protected person is considered eligible for the provisions and supports, if their monthly per capita income does not exceed the smallest amount of old-age pension (28.500, appr. 100 EUR):
  • basic medical care: family-doctor service (GP/pediatrician)

                                    (inside and outside the camp)

  • age-specific compulsory vaccination
  • outpatient care in emergency situations

→ otherwise it is not free!!!

e.g. orthopedics, otolaryngology (ENT), cardiology, ophthalmology etc.

The allovances may be revoked if someone refuses to cooperate with the immigration authorities!

Additional services free of charge:

  • outpatient examination (and medical treatment, costs of medication and bandage) provided in an emergency situation
  • inpatient examination (and medical treatment, surgical operation, costs of medication and bandage) provided in an emergency situation
  • examinations, medical treatment and medical supplies necessary until the recovery from the illness or the stabilisation of the health conditions following the outpatient or inpatient medical care
  • ambulance service, if the patient’s health conditions exclude any other forms of transportation
  • emergency dental care and tooth preservation treatment
  • pregnancy and obstetric care and in specific cases surgical operations directed at abortion (if the mother’s or child’s life is threatened)
  • persons eligible for benefits under the “public health care card system” may

order medicine, medical supplies and bandages for free or with 90% or

100% social security subsidy

Source: website of the Office for Immigration and Nationality