Pain medication and fever reducers:

  • to headaches, toothaches and fever: Advil Ultra (Forte), Algoflex (Forte), Saridon, Rubophen, Panadol
  • for children (under 12 years of age):
    • syrup: Algoflex Baby, Panadol Baby, Nurofen
    • suppository: Nurofen, Mexalen
    • Orally disintegrating tablets: Nurofen
  • for menstrual cramps: Algoflex M, No-Spa (Forte), Buscopan (abdominal cramps)
  • medication for joint and muscle pain: Flector EP gel, Fastum gel, Diclofenac gel, Voltaren emulgel, Diclec gel, Algoflex Izom+Izület capsule and Algoflex gel
  • for sore throat:
    • lozenge: Mebucain, Septofort, Tantum Verde, Strepsils, Dorithricin
    • sore throat rinse: Phlogosol, Glycosept

For common cold, sniffle, flu-like symptoms:

  • Coldrex, Neo Citran, Rhinathiol Cold, Aspyrin, Kalmopyrin (these latter two MUST NOT BE administered together with anti-coagulants, especially with Syncumar)

For cough:

  • antitussives (for dry cough): Neo Citran Antitussive, Rhinathiol Tusso,Libexin tablets
  • mucolytics, expectorants (for productive cough): ACC, Ambroxol, Halixol, Rhinathiol expectorant, Robitussin, Solmucol, Bronchipret syrup, plantago lanceolata syrup (from several producers)
  • combined effect: Erigon syrup

Nasal drops, nasal sprays:

  • Novorin, Nasivin, Otrivin, Nasopax, Rhinospray plus, Sterimar (saline solution)

For allergy symptoms (ie. hay-fever, pollen-sensitivity, etc.)

  • Clarithin tablets, Loratadin Hexal, Cetirizin Hexal, Calcium Sandoz effervescent tablets

For sickness, nausea, vomiting:

  • Daedalon, B-6 vitamin

For constipation (laxatives):

  • Stadalax, Dulcolax, Guttalax, Laevolac

For diarrhoea:

  • Imodium, Lopedium, Smecta, Carbo activatus (carbon tablet), Bolus adstringens

For heartburn, acid reflux:

  • Rennie, Nilacid, Maalox, Quamatel Mini

For adbominal distension, promoting disgestion:

  • Bilagit tablets, Dipankrin enteric coated tablet, Mezym Forte

For piles (hemorroids) (ointments, suppositories):

  • Hemorid ointment, Sperti, Reparon

Mild sedatives, tranquilizers (stroger drugs are only for prescription):

  • Valeriana sugar-coated pills, Hova tablets, Sedacur Forte

For sunburn:

  • Panthenol Spray, Irix Spray

For insect bites:

  • Fenistil gel (+ Calcium effervescent tablets, Clarithin tablets (eg. in case of bites of a bee/wasp)

For burn wounds:

  • Dermazin cream, Unguentum refrigerans

For skin and wound care and treatment, topical antiseptics, skin-disinfectants (solutions, ointments, talkum-powders):

  • Betadine solution, Betadine ointment (contains iodine!), Tetran ointment, Tetran talkum-powders, Reseptyl-Urea talkum-powders, Hyperol tablets

For fungal infections of the skin:

  • Canesten, Lamisil, Terbisil