Participation in a pre-employment medical examination is compulsory for everybody for those who would like to work in Hungary and the examinations must be repeated regularly; annually or bi-yearly, depending on the position of the given employee.

This refers also to asylum seekers during the period of their recognition procedure and to seasonal workers (eg. summer seasonal employees).

Employers in Hungary must provide occupational health care service for their employees in compliance with the Act XCIII of 1993 on Labour Safety and the sectorial decrees. The examination is financed by the employer and basicly it is a preventive health care service.

The goal of occupational healthcare is to sustain and promote the health and working ability of employees by proposing appropriate prevention and control measures for the elimination of hazardous exposures. The purpose of the occupational health care examination is to decide whether the employee is suitable for the particular job to fill upon entering the position and at all times during the employment. The occupational health examination takes approximately 20-30 minutes and corresponds to an extended internal medical examination.

The occupational health examination includes

  • thorough includes first of all a general medical examination
  • detailed family and personal history
  • identification of occupational health hazards
  • detailed physical examination
  • blood pressure measurements
  • vision check-up: vision check, colour vision check
  • audiological examination
  • neurological examination

In case of certain jobs – where health book is required – the examination includes

  • general examination of the skin
  • and the presentation of lung screening documentation not older than three months

The doctor – if needed – orders additional examinations such as

  • ECG
  • diabetes screening
  • initiates other necessary tests

Following occupational health examination the medical professional will typically only report one of three conditions back to the employer: fit, unfit, or temporarily unfit.

Forms of occupational health care examinations

  • Preliminary occupational health care examinations
  • due before beginning the work,
  • upon change in the job/workplace
  • before beginning to work abroad for more than two weeks (when working with heavy or moderately heavy manual work)
  • Periodical occupational health care examinations
    • due according to the relevant legislation, usually once a year
  • Extraordinal occupational health care examinations
    • can be initiated by the employer, the GP/specialist, the National Public Health Office, the Employment Centre at its discretion, or can be requested by the employee or the occupational health care provider/specialist (typical case), in case of…
      • a change in working conditions
      • changes in the health status
      • if occupational disease occurs
      • in case of work accidents
      • more than 30 days of incapacity
      • if the work is suspended for more than six months for other than medical reasons
  • Terminal occupational health care examinations
    • upon exiting certain types of jobs (e.g. employees working with carcinogens or in case there is a high risk of chronic occupational disease)

References: Act XCIII of 1993 on Labour Safety

89/1995. Gov. Decree of Occupational Health Services

The Hungarian Ministry of Health Statute No. 27/1995 (7/25) states that an employer must provide occupational health care for its employees and 33/1998 (6/24) requires a medical examination to determine work suitability.